*vegas in every style!

I’m not a gambler or a partier, but I have been to Vegas 4 times in three years!

My first adventure was around 12 hours. I flew in for the night to celebrate my friend, Alexandria’s 21st birthday, with our friend that grew up in Vegas, Jenna! I flew in, changed at the hotel, then went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner! We went dancing at the Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan and stayed out until 2am! I got about 6 hours of sleep then got on a plane back to Southern California!


To celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 with Daniel’s mom, Starla, and her husband, Bruce, we did it a week earlier by meeting up in Vegas! We stayed at the Paris Hotel (since I’m obsessed with Paris). This was a classy trip- we ate the fabulous Eiffel Tower Restaurant! I had my hair professional done that morning and had a new dress for the occasion! My dinner was Hand Harvested Sea Scallops, they were incredible! Daniel chose to eat Venison! We finished the meal with a Chocolate Souffle and Creme Brûlée! The fun did not end there! The next day we had breakfast at the cafe inside Paris to enjoy some French Toast! We walked through the other hotels, and enjoyed a Gondola ride! Dinner that night was an adventure! We ate at Nobu, inside the Hard Rock Hotel, just off the strip! It was an adventurous meal! We trusted the chef to order for us and for the next two hours we had many dishes of incredible sushi! After dinner we had tickets to see The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage! It was a very cool show, although I had little idea what was going on! To end our trip I did some research prior and found the the Overlook Grill at the Cosmopolitan had a Red Velvet Waffle and stuffed French Toast! We always have fun and classy adventures with his mom! 6 months later we returned with her! See our November 2012 pictures here!


We came back in March of 2013 to met up with Starla and Bruce to see Muse preform at Mandalay Bay! Daniel has been a fan of Muse before they were famous! They have became my favorite band as well, we have seen a lot of their concerts! Years prior we flew to Phoenix to see Muse in concert! Although it was a very Rock and Roll weekend, we stayed in style at Mandalay Bay! It was fabulous! Our first night’s dinner was at the famous Italian restaurant, Trattoria Reggiano! This place will make you fall in love with Italian dishes! Pictured below is Daniel and I at Fleur Restaurant prior to the concert! It was a good place and food was good, but I definitely don’t recommend it (so many better restaurants in Vegas)! The concert on the other hand was fantastic! Mandalay Bay’s venue was just the right size; not too big, but not small! We had a great view as we screamed out the lyrics to all of their songs!


In May of 2013, we met my sister, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Matt, in Vegas to start their vacation with us! We stayed at Marriott’s Grand Chateau using my employee discount to get a suite with a kitchen! It was in a great location, in the middle of the strip! We did a lot of walking around, it was Ashley and Matt’s first time in Las Vegas. Sipped on drinks from Fat Tuesday! Ate at Serendipity!  It was a quick trip, we had to spend the rest of the week at our place in Southern California! Check out our fun pictures here!


 “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” ~Amelie Earhart


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