Christmas is 26 days away! Christmas cards to family and friends went in the mail today!

I try to show the people I love, that I love them throughout the year. I see something in the store that reminds me of them and I buy it, no matter what time of year. I also have three pen pals that I send cards to through out the year to remind them that someone is thinking of them. My mom, Linda, and mother in law, Starla, were always sending me care packages during my years in California. It made living so far away from family a little easier! Now, I have a few friends in California that often send cards to. I have always enjoyed giving and receiving snail mail! My friend Chelsea posted online a card I had sent her, “Totally made my Monday! Thank you @amberks07 you are the most wonderful person! Snail Mail rocks my world!”



I always get a head start on Christmas. I like having it done before Thanksgiving, I hate dealing with all of the crowds. I also do not spend a lot of money and rarely pay full price. Making items is great too! The bottom line is- it’s important to give. I found some very pretty jewelry for $10 and under at Kohl’s for some family members! The jewelry were items I would have bought myself! Around Christmas time I also try very hard not to buy for myself. The other 11 months of the year can be about rewarding myself, December is a month for our loved ones. (pictured below is the collection of Christmas presents already bought and wrapped 6 weeks before Christmas 2014!)


I appreciate any kind of gift at Christmas and any time of year. Last year, Michael (Daniel’s brother) bought me a $10 Starbucks gift card and I was thrilled! We were told not to exchange gifts (I did anyway), so the gesture that he thought of me made my holiday! Pictured below is from Christmas 2010, it was a great Christmas!


My husband and I stopped giving each other Christmas gifts a few years ago. We try to buy each other small things through out the year. My favorite is when he brings me candy when he gets gas. Instead we use our “gift” money to use to do something together. I rather create a memory. Last year we were in Paris a month prior to Christmas. This year we leave for London the day after Christmas. Next Christmas will probably be paying for our flights to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary in France on June 11, 2016. For Valentine’s Day 2014 he made me a custom picture that he framed with our spare key to our lock on a bridge in Paris! It was a great gift that I hang next to our front door!


As a child I hated writing thank you cards, but every birthday and holiday, if I received a gift my mom made my sister and I write a thank you card. Being 26, I still write a hand written thank you card. I know the value of money now and the thought of someone spending some of their hard earned money on me is wonderful, so they certainly deserve my thanks!


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill



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