*my “child”- bruce wayne

As much as I loved Princess, I also have fallen in love with my Pomeranian, Bruce Wayne. I have always been a dog person, so it took some begging to get Daniel on board. In September of 2011, we found a pomeranian breeder on the north side of Los Angeles. I wanted a Sheltie, but since we lived in an apartment I also wanted a smaller dog. We had every intention of getting Bruce’s sister, but when we arrived all she did was bark. Bruce came and set on Daniel’s lap and was quiet. Getting a boy dog also allowed us to name him Bruce Wayne, for Daniel’s Batman obsession.

It took three hours to get back to Orange County and Bruce was extremely frighten. He threw up, pooped and peed a lot during those three hours. The first week of sleeping was a nightmare too! We tried doing the crate thing at night but he would just whine. Daniel had to sleep on the floor next to him to keep him quite. We didn’t want to wake the neighbors.

(pictured below is Bruce within the first 30minutes of arriving home)


He has been such a great blessing to our life. He is beyond excited to see me when I get home from work, that I can’t help but to be in a good mood! Daniel has absolutely fallen in love with Bruce. If we are gone too many hours from Bruce, Daniel starts to whine about how much he misses Bruce. He also hates it when Bruce spends the night at my parents. Bruce has definitely become our “child”. We take way too many photos of him, and I’m sure our family thinks we talk about him way too much!

(Below is my favorite picture of Bruce Wayne, a few weeks after we adopted him, shows you how small he was!)


We had a lot of great adventures with Bruce the past three years! We had so much fun taking him to the Huntington dog beach, but he was terrified of the ocean! He’s been to the dog park infront of the Hollywood sign! He even flew with us to Indiana in July of 2013 to spend the week without a leash in my parents backyard. This fall we took him to the apple orchard for their corn maze!

1176346_10202088500511601_254617072_n 1474963_10202088591393873_1776183226_n



He used to hate car rides, he threw up on almost every ride! But we kept taking him on them so he would get used to it. Last year we bought a bridge for him to enjoy the back seat all by himself and he loves it! He did great on a journey to visit Ashley in Phoenix last February. And was prefect on our 30 hour road trip back to Indiana in May!

(below Bruce chewing on Cheerios on our road trip)

10177323_10202945197208483_1860435807009088973_n 10334349_10202947229979301_3949012037616137696_n

He loves car rides, chewing on bones, cheese, people (he’s a people person, not a big fan of other dogs) and standing like a human! His new favorite thing is to sit on the ledge of our front window like a cat and people watch! He hates baths and when we leave. He throws his toys around and has angry barks, as sincere as we find it, the poor guy thinks we aren’t coming back!

10552510_10203934394537798_2843657601346816168_n 10438713_10203189020943924_447961261_n

We love taking pictures of Bruce, most of my Instagram photos are of him. But I can’t help it, he is too cute! Some of the pictures I posted on Facebook are here!

“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your hear and he’ll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?” ~Marly & Me, by John Grogan


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