*packing tips

I’m one of those people who starts packing weeks prior. For my Paris trip I took photos of the outfits I was going to wear and put them in a Power Point slides for easy printing! I didn’t go that extreme this year, most of my outfits are from my trip to Paris!

My afternoon of packing started out looking very disorganized. I laid out a shirt for each day, then topped with what jewelry would best match. Then I paired socks and panties to make sure I had enough. Of course I packed a few extras.

IMG_2131For the plane ride, we are keeping it simple. We are taking one Vera Bradley carry on to have a set of PJs, outfit for Saturday, winter hat, gloves, and scarves. This way if the airlines misplaces our luggage we are set for the day! It will also have a thin blanket for me to use in the plane! Daniel will be carrying on a lap top bag with our Mac, our binder with the itinerary, important documents, my wallet and our iPods to listen to music on the plane. We’ll both be holding our travel pillows (which I still need to find)I’m having trouble deciding what to wear on the plane to London. I want it to be comfy, because I plan on sleeping the entire eight hour flight (thanks to a sleeping pill). But I also know it needs to look upscale when I arrive to the St. Ermin’s hotel!

My suit case is almost packed. It has an empty Vera Bradley carry on (to be used on the flight back if we buy too much souvenirs). It has my outfits (only thing I need to add is my coat and a few pair of pants), one pair of flats (I will be wearing my grey boots on the flight), our toiletries (I have sensitive skin so I bring my own soap and shampoo), and our electronics. This year I have added a mini can of dry shampoo (it will save me from spending time on washing my hair)



When it comes to electronics, I have our chargers, power adapters (which I bought from Coach and can be used in multiple countries), and external charger. We bought the external charger a few years ago, it allows two usb devices to charge! We take that a lot on small day trips!


The right of my suitcase is pictured below. Some of the electronics are inside the Vera Bradley bag, as well as my small cross body purse.


 Some extras we bought for this trip includes hand warmers. Even though the weather hasn’t been as cold as I thought it would be, it will still be chilly at night when we are waiting for midnight on New Years Eve. Each pack was just over $1, so hopefully our hands won’t freeze!


“Travel broadens our perspectives. Suddenly, the palette with which we paint the story of our lives has more colors.” ~Rick Steves


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