*about me*

Thank you for visiting my blog! I have always enjoyed writing and I am happy to share my stories with you!*

Quick Facts:

Name: Amber

Born: June 16, 1988

Grew Up In: Brownsburg, IN

Parents: Linda & Gene, married in 1981

Sibling: Ashley, born July 1991

Dog: Pomeranian named Bruce Wayne, born July 2011

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Favorite Thing to Bake: Cheesecake

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: Muse

Favorite City: Paris

Three things that define me:

My Husband, Daniel- Although I didn’t take his last name officially we are complete partners in this crazy life. We started dating in fall of 2005, we were Juniors in high school school! We did a year of long distance, our Freshman year of college. We have taken many incredible vacations throughout the years. On June 11, 2011, we were married five days before my 23 birthday! On July 1 we were moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Orange, California, 3 miles away from Disneyland! Daniel attending Chapman University for three years to complete grad school in Film Production. Spending those first 3 years away from our family really brought us together! My biggest advice to the newly married is remember not to run to your parents for problems. It really builds a relationship to rely on your spouse. I have more love and respect for Daniel each and everyday!


My Family– I will never forget the amazing childhood my parents gave to me. They both worked part time, one in the morning the other in the afternoon. This allowed me and my younger sister to never go to a babysitter. My parents even watched two other girls to bring in some more money, which also brought in more people to play with! My parents took us on many adventures to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Plus many road trips around Indiana, through Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. My dad was blessed to win a trip from his work to Maui when I was in elementary school. I was able to spend my 8th Birthday there! I only have one sibling, Ashley, is three years younger then me. She is very smart and recently graduated from Purdue University. She is now at IUPUI earning a masters with Indiana University! Two people I call my brother is Andrew and Matthew. They grew up a few houses from me since I was in third grade and they mean the world to me! Andrew is 2 years younger then myself, he was a groomsman in my wedding and now lives in the apartment complex next to mine. It is the same distance as when we were growing up! Matthew is a year younger then me and recently got married, so I don’t see him as much. 🙂


Paris- I’m not sure how my love of Paris started. On of my favorite movies as a child was Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s Passport to Paris. I also loved the Madeline books growing up. June of 2006 my parents blessed me with a trip to France with my French teacher and a few other students. The trip started out in London on my 18th Birthday, it was incredible! We took a ferry to Normandy, France and from there traveled to the south of France. I completely fell in love with Paris! Ever since then I have always received many gifts of the Eiffel Tower and other Paris monuments. After Daniel and I were married our kitchen for three years was themed in black and red Paris. I even had a Paris cutting board with matching canvas and TV trays! Paris items are now in our guest bathroom. I love it so much that a week before my 25th birthday I had an Eiffel Tower that Daniel sketched tattooed on my back shoulder blade!

In November 2013, I was able to take Daniel to Paris for a week! We stayed at the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel, using my Marriott employee discount! It was the perfect location, just a few blocks from the Louvre! Although it was a quick and cold visit we had an incredible time! Check out our pictures on my Facebook!

Daniel and I plan to return to Paris to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary in June 2016, as well as other parts of France!


Where I am in my life now: 

In May, I moved back to the west side of Indianapolis. I wanted to be near family and Daniel received a salary full time job with Image Resources on the North West side! Daniel and I have stayed busy the past few months catching up with family and old friends. We are at that point in our life where we are behind in the norms: we haven’t bought a house, we don’t have a 401K, and don’t have children. But we love the troubles and joys that life has brought us this far! It’s all about growing and finding the small things in life to be happy about!

This is my blog about learning to enjoy this wonderful life no matter what!

“Nothing can bring you peace except yourself.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please share your thoughts!*

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