may in indiana*

I grew up 2.5 miles west of Lucas Oil Raceway and 10 miles west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, famous for the Indy 500! I was never interested in watching cars race in circles, even on the TV. Living so close to the tracks, you knew summer had started when you can hear the race cars practicing. It was a good sound, it reminded you school was almost over and the best weather was approaching. Living in California I lived right next to Highway 5 and the noise was a comfort to me. As I drove downtown today to take my finals I was reminded how much I love Indiana. Speedway was in full bloom with spectators camping out. The weather was sunny and just the right warm in the higher 70s.

Indiana has been in the news regarding the Anti LBT Religious Freedom Act, but my friends and all of our friends are very accepting to respecting others for their choices. Our generation is full of acceptance and enjoying life! Indiana has so much to offer! My friends and I have done the Handlebar Indy a few times to get some exercise and to enjoy this great city!

Where else in the world can you find a theme park based off the major holidays in a town called Santa Claus? Indiana of course! Holiday World has my favorite water park in Indiana. Please put visiting Indiana on your bucket list. As a person who has many to a few places and lived away for 3 years. I have came back and plan on staying. Indiana is full of wholesome people and a relaxed way of living. It’s a great place to put down roots

Holiday World Theme Park

Indianapolis Skyline


*good luck to the colts

I’m not a big sports fan, nor am I an athlete, but when it comes to cheering on an Indiana team, I’m all for it! The Colts were doing very well during my high school school years. Thanks to my friend, Andrew S, I was able to attend a game in row 14! I prefer attending games, I love all the excitement. But I am very scared of heights. One season I received free tickets in the new Lucas Oil Stadium at the end zone on an upper level, but it was still way too high.


I’ve been cheering on the Colts with my family as long as I can remember. When Daniel and I started dating we enjoyed watching Colts games together. His dad was a season ticket holder. The seats were too high for me, but still an exciting time.

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In 2007 we watched the Colts win the Super Bowl at his brother’s house!


Today we are watching the Colts play against verses the Patriots at our friends house! If the Colts win they will be going to the Super Bowl! When a sports team wins, they win for their city. It brings great publicity, which Indiana could really use! So good luck, Luck, make Indiana proud!

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” ~ Vince Lombardi