*london is calling

Paris is by far my favorite city and will probably remain my favorite city! I have spent a few days in London though and there is something special about this city!

The trip I took with my French teacher and other students June of 2006 started off in London. We arrived there the morning of June 16th, on my 18th birthday! How incredibly lucky was I?


It was also the time that I was oblivious to traveling. The morning was free to do what we wanted, but most of the group wanted to see the Tower of London. I had no clue what the Tower of London was, let alone was I going to spend nearly 20 pounds on my first day! My friend Molly, who I had know since elementary, didn’t want to go either, so we set outside. We had Subway (it was right next to the entrance of the Tower) and ventured only a little to the Tower Bridge. We didn’t know how much our teacher would allow us to explore, plus we didn’t want to get lost! The day got better with our travel guide giving us a bus tour to see all the famous buildings of London. We had dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, rebuilt shortly after the Great Fire of 1666! The entire tour group sung Happy Birthday to me! We finished the night with a tour of Jack the Ripper! Even better, I got to experience the trip with my best friend, Amanda (pictured below)!

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The next day was even more spectacular! We started off the day watching the Trooping the Colour: The Queen’s Birthday Parade! I saw the Queen of England, it was incredible! Then we spent the day walking around London, the weather was perfect! (pictured below is the Queen, photo taken by Amanda)



I unfortunately have misplaced a lot of the pictures since my trip. This was before digital filing on our computers were popular, I have a photo book with a few pictures still left from my memorable trip, but not as many as I would have hoped. Thank you goes out to my parents who let me go on this trip instead of Hawaii to celebrate 25 years of marriage! I promise it was money well spent, I learned a lot and still think of the trip today!

The good news is, at the end of December, my husband and I are going to London! I really wanted to take a trip this year and after seeing what the fireworks show looked like the previous New Years Eve, I was sold! We will be there 6 days staying at the 4 Star St. Ermin’s, owned by Marriott. Thanks to Charli, I have a friends and family discount! I have done my research, 6 days will not be long enough.

Our first day will be spent at the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. Lunch will be across the street, the Subway is still there (according to Google), but we will be getting the traditional fish and chips at The Kitchen @ Tower. Dinner will be at the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, to relive my 18th Birthday.

We have already purchased tickets with transportation to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour to see where parts of Harry Potter were filmed at. Daniel is a big Harry Potter fan. We will also be visiting the London Film Museum, where they have a special exhibit of James Bond. Daniel also has a love of James Bond, it is second to his love of Batman.

I’m most looking forward to New Years Eve! This year was the first year they were having ticket sales, luckily they were only 10 pounds a person! Thanks to my prior research I was able to buy them minutes after they went on sale. Check out this BBC Video of last year’s firework show! I know I will probably freeze, I know to bring lots of layers and to check the weather report before we head. But how many people can say they have rang  in the New Year in another country! I will write more about our trip probably before to show you my research and after to show you our pictures!


“If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” ~Samuel Johnson