*being more natural

In the past year and a half I have been working on becoming more interested in living in a more natural life. Obviously it has been a slow change, but it is a change I am working towards! I been in love with using coconut oil as a natural moisturizer and to heal cuts! The coconut oil seems to put a clear cover over cuts, I rarely have to use Bandaids! According to Real Beauty Spot there are many more uses for coconut oil!


About once a week in the shower I use a homemade epsom salt with coconut oil scrub, to rehydrate my dry skin!

I’ve had had cold sores for as long as I can remember. None of the over-the-counter products were very successful. When I was younger my mom would scoop some of our pool water into a bowl and I would dip my finger (when I was a child I would get a cold sore on my right middle finger) in hoping the chemicals would kill the germs. Of course I take L-Lysine pills on a daily basis, but it’s not strong enough when I have an outbreak. I can’t recall which site, but a year ago I found an article online saying to use honey on cold sores. Everyday Root’s article on 16 Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Cold Sores suggests using vanilla extract! The alcohol must help kill the germs. So when I feel a cold sore come on I wipe my lips with vanilla extract, let dry, and then put honey on top! I’ve even started caring small honey packets with me on trips!


I’ve also started sleeping with Lavender to help me fall asleep and have a restful sleep. I tried the real thing, it was too messy. The lavender oil was too strong, even throwing it in the dryer for a few minutes. My sister, Ashley, introduced me to Scentsy Buddies. To save money, I just bought the pouch and put it near my pillow! Ever since then I’ve been sleeping like a baby!


My mom is a big believer in milk of magnesia in treating blemishes and acne. I haven’t bought a bottle, but I normally use some when I’m at her house! She also likes cracking an egg and pasting it on her face. Egg has a lot of nutrients. My mom is in her 50s, never sees a doctor and she is the healthiest person I know!




*rules of life

Rules are apart of life. With rules there is order.

I’m a big fan of CBS’s NCIS show. I started watching the show through reruns on USA Network. I can’t exactly remember when I started watching it live. I know I saw Legend Part 1 & 2, where they introduce NCIS LA, on its original air date. But since Cote De Pablo left in Fall of 2012, I haven’t kept up with the new seasons. The only episode I have watched from this season was last night’s episode, House Rules. In this episode Tim (played by Sean Murray) writes a letter to his dad about how he understands why his father and Gibbs had tough rules. So this is what made me think of the rules of life.

(Pictured below is a NCIS hat Daniel gave me for Christmas 2010)


Gibbs Rules

I like Gibbs’ rule number 1: “Never screw over your partner.” Obviously I’m not a police officer or a special agent. But we all have partners in life- spouses, parents, children, siblings, and best friends. Don’t screw them over, they don’t have to forgive you, and life is lonely when you don’t have people who care about you!

Rule 3: “Don’t believe what you’re told. Double Check.” & “Never be unreachable.” I definitely need to do more research when it comes to things that people tell me. It doesn’t sound very adult when you tell a superior that “so and so told me.” Know what you are talking about!

I hate it when my husband doesn’t pick up his phone in the times I need him. I always carry my phone on me, I feel naked without it. But at night I put it on sleep mode so my phone will only make a noise if its my alarm or someone from my favorite list calls me! Sleep is important to me!

Rule 5: “You don’t waste good.” I wish I would have done better in school. I now try to do the best I can. I hate it when people are disappointed in me.

Rule 6: “Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness.” I do not agree with this! Don’t say your sorry like an upset child would, actually sound like you mean it! And always say thank you!

Rule 7: “Always be specific when you lie.”

Rule 8: “Never take anything for granted.” I’m working on this. I think I haven’t gotten a lot better to remember the good things when it seems like life is at its end.

Rule 12: “Never date a co-worker.” Because of this rule we didn’t get to see Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) have a real relationship! Which a lot of fans wanted to see, definitely prior to her farewell! My advice, don’t have a one night fling with someone you work with, that could get awkward!

Rule 14: “Bend the line, don’t break it.” I do not think rules are meant to be broken, they are there to keep us in line. But you can definitely bend them depending on the circumstances.

Rule 24: “Clean up the mess that you make.” This is huge! Whether it is cleaning up around the house or taking responsibility for something you caused!

Rule 51: “Sometimes you’re wrong.” Thats how we learn from our mistakes!

Unspoken: “You do what you have to do for family.” Family isn’t always blood related, they are the people who love you in good times and bad.

My Rules

~Never be late.

~Be over prepared.

~Do what you can for family & friends.

~Always be polite

~Do things for others even if you don’t see the reward (I’m working on this, some people have started making me not want to try)

~No TV on at dinner time- My husband and I have got a lot better at eating at the table and actually turning off the TV to hear how each others day went.

~Keep the house clean- I pay a lot of money to live in, so it should show that I have pride in it.

~Always try your hardest, you never know where it can lead

~No coffee after 8pm (more of a rule for my hubby)

Rules I Should Have

-Get 30 minutes of exercise daily

-Only watch 1 hour of tv a day

-Stand up for what I believe in (be better at it)

– it’s a list in progress…

I had rules when I was a kid and I plan on having rules for my future children. You want them to be who they are, but structure is good. When I didn’t follow the rules I got punished. I unfortunately don’t see that in the kids of today.

“We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.” ~Michelle Obama

*baking girl


(pictured above is from Halloween 2013 when I brought homemade goodies to work)

I grew up with two parents who more than most, cooked a homemade meal for dinner. We rarely ate out. Some dinners were as simple as spaghetti, while at holidays my mom pulled at all the stops. Freshly made meat, with too many sides, and of course homemade desserts. I had two parents that were great cooks, so why did I need to learn?

During my time at Ivy Tech in Indianapolis, I was required to take an introduction to cooking class. The classes were 4 hours once a week. The first day of class, the teacher talked about all the supplies we needed. The text book was very thick, we were required to wear a full professional chef uniform, and have a $500 knife kit! I was extremely overwhelmed, I dropped the class as soon as I got home! I waited to take it my last semester in Muncie and I’m so thankful that I did! My teacher was very understanding that we were required to take the class. I got to try cheeses, cook scallops, watch a lobster die, and try food I normally wouldn’t. It was a great experience!

The first few months of living in California, prior to having a job, I started baking cupcakes for Daniel to take to his internship. It gave me a creative outlet and it tasted good! Everytime someone came to visit me I made a dessert to welcome them! More baking started when I went to work at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas. My co-workers loved my goodies! In December 2013 I sold a two pound cheese ball for $15 to a co-worker so he could take to a family holiday party!

10616214_301569610037938_7087518638868604384_n 10710882_298765000318399_2247818111787470187_n

I really enjoy baking more then cooking. I love sugar! I’m surprised I’m not 200 pounds with all the desserts I make! In California, I started experimenting with box cupcake mixes and adding alcohol! I make a really tasty Fireball Whisky Cupcake and Amaretto Sour Cupcake. I just found out that my Box Baking Blog, where I posted the recipes, has been visited over 10,000 times, thanks to Pinterest!

I thought I would try to earn some extra cash this holiday season by selling some homemade goodies. I even have a website (www.ambersholidaybakesale.wordpress.com) and paid $10 for business cards, which my dad was nice enough to pass out. I didn’t get as many orders as I hoped, but I did have fun!

(pictured below is homemade peppermint Oreo white chocolate cookies)


“Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun!” ~Julia Child