*adopting Paddington

On Saturday my husband and I went to see the new Paddington Bear movie. I don’t recall reading the books when I was little, but I knew who Paddington was. He is definitely iconic.


I wanted to see the movie because it looked very cute, as well as relive our London adventure!

The movie had a lot of deeper meanings, but my favorite was how adopting a pet can bring your family together! The mother in the story wasn’t afraid to walk up to Paddington and ask him where he was staying. She of course had to convince the husband to let them take him home for the night. A bear, or any animal of course is a curious creature, like any of our pets, Paddington made a huge mess shortly after entering their home. Of course he didn’t do it on purpose, but it made the father angry. The next morning the mother was supposed to take him to the authorities, but of course couldn’t because she interested in Paddington’s history. Paddington quickly turns into a hero, even for their teenage daughter. The mother could see the family was starting to change, and the father was starting to enjoy the adventure. After a bad guy gets Paddington into trouble, with the father extremely angry, Paddington runs away! The family then has to join together to find the one who could keep them together!

This story of course reminded my husband and I about adopting Bruce Wayne (our dog). He was such a hassle the first few days, he cried at night and explored into places he shouldn’t have. Over the years he still is a trouble maker, getting himself hurt, eating chocolate, chewing on clothes. But again, it is just his nature. Bruce Wayne has made so many of our friends and family smile and laugh. When you get home from a hard day at work and see his excitement, you can’t help but smile. The love of a pet brings families together. That’s what Paddington did for his adopted family! Please give your family the joy of having a pet! They can make your life so much more rewarding!


“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” ~ Karen Davison


*flopsy, my childhood bunny


I’m not sure what winter day it was, but my mom’s boss’s daughter had outgrown her bunny, so we got to adopt him! He had a big cage with muli-levels to hop around in, but we often let him hop around the house! He even did well hopping around the the backyard! Cleaning his cage was gross, one time I ran into it with my leg, I still have the scar.



Princess was very gently with Flopsy, she loved him! The would coexist inside and outside of the house! The best Easters involved Flopsy hopping around as we looked for our Easter eggs! Pictured below is Ashley, getting Flopsy to hold still for a picture in 2001, we didn’t have to worry about Princess not seating still!


 “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France

*my childhood love, princess

I can’t believe it has been four years since I lost my childhood dog, Princess. We adopted her in the fall of 1996 after she had to spend the entire summer tied up outside. I remember the first time we met her at a Sheltie Rescue’s home, she jumped up on the couch and gave Ashley (my younger sister) a big kiss!

Most of my childhood memories include Princess, she watched over us as we played outside,  inside, and even got to go on a few trips with us! She loved chasing us when we would take her sledding!


I taught her how to play hide and seek! I would tell her to sit and run into another room, then tell her to come find me! Princess was also always around to cuddle with, definitely when I was feeling sad. When we got a bunny, she loved him! They became good pals!

I didn’t take her death very well, I was heart broken. I luckily got to see her on her last day (I wasn’t living at home at the time). It was a spur of the moment decision to stop by the house after eating dinner with my dad, we found her in the kitchen floor and she couldn’t get up. My dad put her in the car to take her to the vet, she was old, so they decided the best thing to do was put her down. I waited to officially find out after my class was over, I cried the entire hour ride to my apartment. Came home and cried myself to sleep, and spent the next few days crying. Christmas was only a few weeks later and it was definitely difficult. She loved sitting with us while we opened Christmas gifts.


She loved getting her picture taken, here are some of my favorite pictures that I put on Facebook! I hope many children get to experience a love of an animal. Princess was one of the kindest, very smart, and always lovable. She was a member of our family and will never be forgotten!

189997_1002818468301_347_n IMG_1976

Shelties can be a great addition to your family, please check to see if a sheltie rescue group is near you! If you are in Indiana check out this link: http://www.sheltie-rescue.org.


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”~ Roger A. Caras